Saturday, February 29, 2020

Saturday Bonus Day

This day only exists once every four years - Leap Years Day - a bonus day for everyone who follows this calendar.  On this first Saturday of Lent most are still asking themselves - really - Lent already?  Yes - Lent is earlier than last year - two years ago it was on Valentines Day which posed special issues.  Most of us are never ready for Lent - a season that very few await - celebrations - feasting - joyful gathering are more the norm.  It is true that Lent is difficult for some - the beauty of Lent - the gift that this season is - lost on most.  As Christians - those seeking to constantly better themselves - Lent a welcome period - a retreat from the hustle - hassle of daily life. 
One only needs to stop - come to a full halt - to take a few minutes to consider their life's  situation - to realize that improvements can - should be made. For the majority - changes are minor - nothing drastic - for others - serious work needs to be done.  For everyone - that work - individualized - just for them.  One cannot - should not - compare their work with others.  God does not compare us to others - why should we?  The focus is our personal relationship with Jesus - His Father - nothing more - nothing less.  We still have 36 days to get this done - with His help - we will. 

Deacon Dale