Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday Friday

The First Friday of Lent - Day #3 - still not quite ready to start.  It's normal - very few jump in immediately when considering what is involved in Lent.  Today the first meatless day - unless you forgot - changing habits - dietary - schedules - giving up - discarding the unnecessary for the necessary.  This is not easy - old habits die hard - so very true.  How does anyone immediately stop - change direction - walk a new path - without a few hiccups along the way.  Reality - it happens to the best - not unusual at all.

My blogging days have been fewer than in previous years - life gets in the way of everything - my Lenten resolution - daily blogging.  No long dissertation- no doctoral thesis - just a few simple words shared with  those who read - to inspire - encourage - to motivate - both myself - others.  We are not in this spiritual exercise along - there are hundreds of thousands sharing this same experience.  In the end - we will persevere.

Deacon Dale