Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Getting Fat on Tuesday

Today - FAT Tuesday - so what is the deal with today - why is it fat?  Very quickly we will begin the season of Lent - that time of year when we step back - reflect on our lives - what we are doing - walking the straight and narrow - fallen off the path - where are we heading.  In this season of Lent we are asked to FAST - PRAY - GIVE ALMS.  Lent is the season when we are asked to GIVE UP - GO WITHOUT.  Therefore - TODAY - we fill our lives with the excesses that we cannot enjoy during Lent.  Today we get - FAT - drink a lot - eat a lot - gather with friends - family - put as much as we can into today because today - is all we have.  No guarantee of tomorrow - or the next day.

Although FOOD that we eat is the focus of today - especially that which we tend to avoid due to its high fat and sugar content - it is all symbolic of the goodness of the lives we lead.  Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday - the beginning of Lent - a time when we turn our attention away from the earthly pleasures of food - things.  In Lent we turn to our relationship with God - His Son - Jesus - how they fit into our lives.  It is a solemn time of year to re-focus our attention on what really matters.

Deacon Dale