Sunday, August 5, 2012

Holy Land Report #1

Today begins my recap of our 10 day pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The pilgrimage began and ended with approximately twelve hours of flying time - an experience in itself. We arrived in Israel and then had a two hour drive from Tel Aviv airport to the first hotel in Tiberius. Tiberius is located on the Sea of Galilee and our starting point for three days of biblical and archaeological exploration. Upon arrival in Tiberius we had just enough time to check in to the hotel, eat dinner and celebrate Holy Mass. The next day we started early at 8am heading to our first site.
View of the Sea of Galilee From Our Hotel Room
Day one of our pilgrimage began with a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee - looking at the shoreline - basically untouched by any development - just as Jesus would have seen it. The hills and valleys the same today as in the time of Christ - as the boat sat idle in the waters - we listened as Chaplin Arlene read her meditation to us - what an awesome and touching experience.
Pilgrims on Boat

Looking At The Shore From the Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee
Reaching the other side of the sea we left the boat to view the 2000 year old Ancient Boat discovered in the area. Did Jesus ride on this boat - no one knows - curious and interesting.
2000 Year Old Mystery Boat
As with the 2000 year old boat - so much is still a mystery - proving that no matter how much you know about God and Jesus - you will never know it all.  

Deacon Dale