Sunday, August 19, 2012

Holy Land Report #7

Calling all Holy Land Pilgrims, their families and those interested in our recently completed pilgrimage. DeaconTravel Ministries is sponsoring an evening reunion at Saint Patrick Church - 406 Walnut - Yorkville, IL on this Tuesday - August 21, 2012 at 7:00pm in the Church. Deacon Jerry Heitschmidt, Deacon Dale Metcalfe and Father Matt Lamoureux, MIC will lead our pilgrims in an Evening of Reflection with Vespers, Sharing and a  Video - Slideshow highlighting our July 26th - August 4th, 2012 pilgrimage. Refreshments will be served in the Parish Center after the presentation at which pilgrims will be showing some of the religious articles and Olive Wood carvings they acquired while in the Holy Land.  Open to the public!

Caesarea Maritima - King Herod's Fortress

It is amazing how our God works through many different and diverse peoples to accomplish His works. Come and join us Tuesday evening as we view the many wonders created by all God's people.

Deacon Dale