Friday, August 31, 2012

Water Works

I have a koi pond - actually it is mostly a goldfish pond - although I did introduce two koi back into the pond last fall.  Earlier in the summer I noticed that it was steadily losing water - so the decision was made to tear the pond apart and rebuild.  It has taken a lot longer than I originally thought.  A simple re-do turned into a major project and just when it was almost completed a friend asked where my skimmer was.  Skimmer?  Needless to say - I started the project over from scratch.  Just the other day I filled it with water - success - or so I thought - until I noticed a drop in the water level - a leak!  Yes I found it - yes I fixed it.  Finally it is completed and new landscaping can be done.  The fish?  Yes the fish found a temporary home in the hot tub - not a bad place to be - as long as it was turned off.  Nice -quiet - boring.  They must have been happy to be back in the pond - complete with a nice new waterfall - they swim with renewed gusto.
Fish Enjoying New Pond

When we first come to Jesus - we feel like fish out of water - we try to grasp and comprehend all the new things in our life - the new words - they new gestures - the new life that we experience as a disciple of Christ. Thank God that we adapt quickly to this newness - and soon become like fish in a pond - swimming with the current that is the Holy Spirit - rejoicing in the presence of God that flows around us like water.

Deacon Dale