Thursday, May 7, 2015


When I was little - my one uncle used to say "bigawind" - which was his way of saying " big wind" - referring to hurricanes - tornadoes. The other day - on our way back to Illinois - we experienced a "bigawind" - driving through Oklahoma City. Had we not turned on the radio - we would have never known how close we were to the tornadoes in Oklahoma. With the aid of an iPhone and Google maps - we were able to determine the location of the towns being threatened and our risk of encountering one.  Happily we were a good two hours ahead of the storm and quickly driving away. When we checked into our hotel for the night we learned of the flooding in Oklahoma City and the damage that had been caused. Mother Nature - not one to fool with - need to take precautions and observe warning signs.

Unlike a tornado - Jesus did not whirl into town - like a "bigawind" - rather He was unassuming - a normal person to any casual observer.  It was not until He began performing miracles - using powers out of the ordinary - that people started talking about Him - who He was - where He came from. His power - the Holy Spirit- from His heavenly Father - more powerful than any tornado - hurricane - monsoon. Unlike Mother Nature's display of power - His was to heal - cure - teach - forgive - create New Life. Those who live in fear of "bigawinds" - need to connect to the real source of the greatest power - God - Jesus the Saviour. When life seems like one giant whirlwind - the calming affect of Jesus needs to pervade your life. Peace - trust - faith - combat the daily problems the world gives. Only in Jesus - may your soul be at rest.

Deacon Dale