Friday, May 29, 2015

Road Trains

On our recent trip to Maryland one thing we noticed very frequently were the road trains - long haul truckers pulling two or three trailers behind the tractor unit. In Illinois we do not see those - in the east a lot more frequently. That prompted research on these very long units - hauling goods over land that might be more often shipped by rail. In doing my research I discovered that three trailers and one tractor is not uncommon at all in some parts of the world - Australia - Sweden - Germany - Denmark - on the Ohio Turnpike - Indiana East - West Toll road. Three trailers is not the longest - in Australia - seven trailer road trains with multiple engines totaling 1,000 horsepower haul ore on private property in mining areas. To drive one of these trains takes special skill - training - assistants. 

Road trains may be compared to prayer partners - those who agree to pray together - two - three - four - six persons - all praying for the same intention. In numbers there is strength - in all things - including prayer. By joining a prayer team - one affirms their common belief in prayer - God - each other - common faith - common hope - common trust. Jesus promised us that when two or more are gathered in prayer - He will be in their midst - the power source - more powerful than a 1,000 horsepower engine - to move mountains - to see results from the faith shown by those in prayer. Prayer by oneself is great - prayer in groups = a moving experience. Either way - through prayer - we remain connected to God - to the source - of all that is.

Deacon Dale