Monday, May 11, 2015

Part II

On occasion part II is never reached - part I being too frustrating - boring - uninteresting. Many great books have never been completely read - due to a slow beginning - loaded with details - boring - not catching the reader's full interest.  Many projects are also like that - early assessment - quick start - slow or no progress - put by the wayside - waiting for another day - another bit of inspiration. Today I was attempting to solve an issue with a shower that stopped delivering hot water. All lines were checked - no leaks - bit by bit took the faucet assembly apart - tried to see where the part had failed. After purchasing a new cartridge - installing - testing the outcome - issue still existed. After a failed second and third attempt - finally looked further. Discovery - the cartridge system has two parts - the first cartridge was fine - the second - overlooked cartridge - the issue - sold as individual parts - not as a set.. Replacing the proper part - assembling the complete set - testing the shower - success. When all else fails - go to the beginning and start from the basics - works almost every time.

Many people become obsessed with Jesus' crucifixion - His suffering - His agony - His hanging on the cross - His death. Part II - overlooked by some - resurrection - the rest of the story - the complete package. When looking at Jesus' life - all parts must be considered - not just the beginning - not just the middle - not just the end. He is a total package - His entire life - how He lived - what He did - How He died - what He taught after resurrection - all important. You cannot have a victory without a struggle - you cannot have a battle without a result. Jesus is the real deal - beginning to end. To really know Jesus - is to know His entire life - His entire story - only then can you really accept Him - as your Lord and Saviour.

Deacon Dale