Sunday, May 24, 2015


A fireman is a specialist trained in the art of battling fires - learning the life of the fire - how it acts - reacts - to that which helps it grow - that which stifles - causes it to die out - to go cold. Fire is one of those things in nature that can be friend or foe - sometimes both at the same time. It radiates warmth - light - heat - to make comfortable - to light the path - to cook meals.  It also is capable of extreme heat - burning people - possessions - homes - causing massive destruction - loss. To control fire - one has to draw close - to learn - what it likes - dislikes - how it lives - how it dies.

God is the original fireman - sending the fire of the Holy Spirit - upon the disciples - at Pentecost - to us - at baptism - confirmation - moments of grace. His fire does not harm - rather it empowers - men - women - to live lives of faith energized - by His Spirit - faith fanned by the flames of the Holy Spirit - strengthening - guiding - enlightening - His disciples. As the Church celebrates Pentecost this Sunday - may we - His modern day followers - celebrate the gift freely given to each of us.  May we draw closer to the light of Christ - to learn - to understand - to become one - with Him - as we seek to share our faith - as we seek to bring others - to their own personal day of Pentecost.

Deacon Dale