Friday, May 8, 2015

In The Thick of It

Now that we are back home in Illinois - spring chores to tackle. The first task - mowing the lawn - getting the yard in condition for the family. While we were gone - our friend raked and mowed the lawn. Keeping the grass at a reasonable length. Friday my first time to take over the mowing task - grass much longer than anticipated - some patches very thick - causing the mower to stall - too much grass - to heavy to quickly cut the grass. On top of the heavy growth - the threat of rain - mowing halted half way through. Rain in the forecast for the next few days so resuming mowing will mean recutting that area already mowed. Best estimate a solid week to get the length down to a manageable height.

As Jesus' disciples were walking the road to Emmaus - in the thick of it - confused with the issues of crucifixion - rumors of resurrection. Trying very hard to hold to their faith - not sure exactly what had happened - confused about mysterious reports about an empty tomb - strange sightings of the risen Lord. As modern day disciples - we too - end up in the  thick of it - sorting out fact - fiction - rumors - myths - trying to understand our faith. Through all of this God constantly speaks to our minds - hearts - lovingly leading us along the Way - the path to Truth. We are called to be faithful - to not worry about things we cannot comprehend - to be people of faith - trusting that Jesus walks with us constabtly - through thick and thin.

Deacon Dale