Friday, May 22, 2015

Lost in Time

I cannot believe that I have been lost in time - lost with chores - lots of chores. Returning from Arizona - time consumed with yard work. In spite of the fact that my neighbor had mowed the lawn for me - twice - I have been doing battle with little green blades of grass since I returned home. In two weeks I have mowed the lawn no less than five times - only now is the lawn finally under control. In addition to mowing the lawn - time to edge the flower beds and spread some 150 bags of mulch around the property. Luckily - that ritual is only done once every other year or so. The lawn looks good - nicely trimmed - new plants in place - time to relax and take a little road trip - praying that it stays as is for five more days - until our return.

Jesus - in many ways - lost in time - lost in peoples' hearts - minds - thoughts. Too many seem occupied with everything - but - God - salvation - redemption - being Christian.  To some - Christianity worn like a jacket - to be taken off frequently - cast over a chair - not worn often at all.  Placing their - faith - hope - in themselves - playing with fire - the devil's brew.  Thankfully when that does not work out - Jesus - will be there - to save - rescue - from the fiery pit of damnation. When your life is in  a hole - when you have nowhere to turn - turn to Jesus - He is there - just for you.

Deacon Dale