Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mum's Day

Mum - mother - mom - mommy - all variations of affection shown to our mothers. This Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day - in the USA - around the world this special day recognizing mothers - many various dates of celebration. According to Wikipedia Mother's Day has a somewhat complicated history and understanding. The celebration in the USA is only 101 years old since Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation in 1914 - creating Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May. It is important to note that it is Mother's Day - singular - not Mothers' Day - plural - leading observers to focus on their own mother and not all mothers in general - honoring the woman who gave you life - who made uncounted sacrifices in helping you to grow into the person you have become.

In the Church - on Mother's Day - Catholics - in particular - focus on Mary - the mother of Jesus - the mother of the Church. Through her self sacrifice - taking the risk of an unwed woman - in Israel - subject to the law of the time - she bore the Christ child - the One sent by the Father - to save mankind from their sins - from themselves. Whenever we recognize Jesus - we also recognize Mary - His mother - Joseph - His step father - His Holy Family. Accepting Jesus as Lord - we also accept Mary - Joseph as part of our Christian family - following in their footsteps - learning how to live - as a Christian family.

Deacon Dale