Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Falling Rocks

Falling Rocks - one road way sign that you do not want to see - warning drivers of potential danger - from above. On long road trips - for many drivers - exhaustion - poor road conditions - unfamiliar roads - increases the risk of injury. It is imperative that drivers on these roads exercise due diligence- pay attention to all warning signs.  Observing all the signs on the path - assures a safe trip.

God calls each of us to a special relationship with Him - He sends us messages - some obvious - others not as obvious. Normally He works  through the everyday events of our lives - not dramatic - out of the ordinary. Some look to the skies for - spinning suns - other to dramatic events of nature. In reality God more often - whispers - does not shout. He is present in the gentle breeze of a summer afternoon - the soft ringing of outdoor chimes. In all of life - God is always there - quietly sending signs - quietly calling our names.

Deacon Dale