Thursday, March 30, 2017

And God Created Man

There is a common error shared by many regarding the statement that - God created - Man. Many seem to think that the word man refers to the male of the species. Rather - in scripture - when that statement is read - refers to mankind. When we are told that God created man - He did not stop there. The entire process of creating humans - mankind - a two step process. First create the one - then - create the partner - making sure that - although not identical - complimentary. Therefore the creation of the genders - male - female. Similar - but different - opposites - that attract - work together - to create - basis of life. Neither alone - can procreate - neither can self inseminate - continuing the species involves - both - male - female. One - the larger - hunter - gatherer - protector - the other - smaller - the child bearer - the nurturer - caretaker - both - equal responsibility - for well being of the family unit. Men are not greater than women - women not greater than men. Shared existence - shared responsibility - together - working as one - through different ways - means - to accomplish the one goal - life.

Holy Scripture tells us that when God created mankind that He was pleased - happy with the beings - created by Him - for Him. In God's eyes - we are all good - created for good -not evil - not to compete with each other - to work with each other - to build up - not monuments to Him - the Author of Life - not monuments to ourselves - monuments to life - celebrating life as experienced - as family. This Lent we look deep inside - how well we nuture ourslves - our partner - our family.

Deacon Dale 

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