Thursday, March 2, 2017

Yakity Yak

According to the Urban Dictionary Yakity-Yak is catching up on everything - nothing important. Some would call it blabber - senseless talking - conversation that seems to never end.  At Mass yesterday we arrived early enough to find a seat - to prepare ourselves to celebrate the Mystery of Holy Mass - begin our Lenten devotion for this year. Not all in the pews were so disposed - especially the two ladies directly behind us. From the time we arrived until Mass began - endless yakity-yak. Some might call it gossip - a sin? - others - just two old women doing what old women do.  At a minimum they were renewing a friendship - in their own way - preparing for the Lenten season - in their way.

God calls us all to reflect on our lives in Lent - some will do so in a very quiet - private manner - at home - in the adoration chapel - complete non verbal communication with self - with God.  Others - more verbal - audible conversations with self - God - everyone around - within hearing - sharing stories - disappointments - achievements - spiritual growth. Each of us is an individual - each will have their own way in how they observe the Lenten season. Some will go to great extremes - others barely taking the time - to touch the Divine. This is OUR Lent - we are called not to be great - we are called not to be powerful - we are all called - to holiness.  How you accomplish this will be different from how others do - all ways are right - OK - as long as the focus is on Jesus - His GIFT - His LOVE - His FORGIVENESS.  May God Almighty bless YOUR Lent.

Deacon Dale 

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