Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Making Yourself Great Again

All of us entered  the world the same way - naked - innocent - crying our heads off. For most of us we have grown beyond those initial assaults on our lives. Over the years we have learned - acquired - knowledge - skills - to help us through our lives. Unfortunately some of what we have learned has not always been the best - worthwhile - knowledge.  Foul language - learning how to lie - becoming skilled in deception - to mention just a few - not something of which we should be proud. Those are the things - we seek to eliminate during our Lenten exercises. Like dust bunnies that cling to our souls - we seek to brush them from ourselves. 
Jesus is our role model when we seek to attain holiness. He who was without sin is our guide - mentor - in how to recreate the lives we were initially blessed with. No matter what shape our present life is in - it can become great again - if we only try.  Focusing our eyes on Jesus - reading His Gospels - going deep into understanding His teachings - then adopting them as our own - will give us the tools to achieve holiness for ourselves. Try you must - for to be great as your Heavenly Father intended - takes work.  Time to buckle down.

Deacon Dale