Saturday, March 25, 2017

Who Am I - The I of God

Who am I - I am me - you - us - as an individual - I exist as I and I alone. I live my life - I choose how to act - respond. I make decisions - commitments - honor such - fail on occasion. My  intent is to live an honorable - productive life - following the rules - once in awhile - I am unable to follow through  - make mistakes - choose to do wrong. I think - speak - keep quiet - sometimes - periods of silence. No matter what I do - it is I alone who makes that decision. I am not you - you are not I - unless you choose to be the I - then I become the you. In all of this I am an individual - me - myself - I.
God created me - to be an I - an individual. He did not make me to be a copy - an alternate version of myself. As such He loves me just as I am - since He created me to enjoy my personal relationship with Him. I am His creation - I am - I worship - adore - my creator. I draw myself closer to Him - in Lent - I seek - to be found - to become all that I may be. I am I - the I of God.

Deacon Dale