Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Walls and Barriers I Have Met

Walls are structures designed to keep something - someone - out or in. Constructed of various materials - steel - wire - wood - concrete - cement blocks - they provide enough structure to contain or repel - various things - people. In our Arizona community each subdivision - neighborhood - surrounded by cinder block walls - six foot tall walls - most solid block - a few - iron fences - allowing a view of the desert terrain. There are many reasons for these walls - protection from desert animals - coyote - bobcats - bears - mountain lions - snakes - scorpions - nosy neighbors. For all intents and purpose - privacy the primary reason - followed secondly - safety from the danger lurking in the many Arizona swimming pools - keeping - especially - young children out. These barriers - although beneficial - a roadblock to creating relationships with neighbors. Those who cannot be seen - difficult - to communicate - build a relationship.

Jesus told us that He came to remove barriers - to tear down walls - especially - between people. Today we have a common problem - barrier - between all people - fear of the unknown - fear of gender - fear of ethnicity - fear of beliefs - fear of cultures - fear of language - fear of whatever exists - on the other side of those walls. One of our wall sections was starting to lean - Homeowners Association to the rescue - removed and rebuilt that section. A new wall - a new - renewed barrier. Lucky for us we already have relationships - with those on the other side - no barrier with them. In Lent the Church asks each of us to look - not outwards - rather inwards - to barriers that exist - between us - Jesus - God. Thankfully - Jesus - always there - hand outstretched - helping us to overcome any barrier we have - with Him - His Father. This week - this day - we pray - Lord - remove any barrier that keeps me from having the best relationship possible with you - Your Son - Amen.

Deacon Dale