Friday, March 31, 2017

Moving On

It is the last day of March - moving swiftly into April - getting closer to Palm Sunday - Easter. Time flies - very quickly - Lent quickly passing by in front of our eyes. Winter officially over - temperatures starting to rise - daylight savings - more hours of sunshine. With better weather - more time spent outdoors - playing - golf - riding bicycles - gathering with friends - outdoor house work - planting - fertilizing. Spring has sprung - for the most part. Black soil soon to burst forth into a new green - life starting up - the cycle of life renewing itself. This is the time of year when people begin to come alive - getting more active - moving out of the house - back into the world.

As we continue through Lent - we too move into a different stage. We go from slow starts to more activity - parish missions - retreats - prayer services. In Lent the Church is getting busy - planning for Easter activities - celebration of New Life In Christ - welcoming those who are preparing for baptism - confirmation - first communion. This is a good time - to move on with purpose - to move forward - including Jesus - God - in our plans.

Deacon Dale