Thursday, March 9, 2017

Focal Point

When one sets out on a quest - hunt - task - they set their sights on one or more goals. Keeping themselves focused they attempt to accomplish whatever goal - task was in mind. All goes well as long as they stay focused. However - once distracted - eyes off the target - things often do not go as planned. A doctor loses focus during surgery - distracted - a slip of the scalpel - a cut not intended - minor error - critical wound. In some things a slight distraction only causes a slight issue - others - like the doctor example - life threatening. Best practice - learning how to stay focused - until task completed.

Jesus never waived - never lost focus of His mission - to do the Father's Will - to proclaim the Good News to all the people. His focus - New Life - Salvation. As we journey through these days of Lent we also need to keep our focus - not lose sight of the task at hand. If we persevere - hold fast - not lose sight of our goal - we too will achieve what we seek.

Deacon Dale