Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lent 101

Today marks the First Sunday of Lent - Lent 101 - the basics of Lent - the rules - regulations - opening comments - as we begin our observation - participation - in this season of reflection - meditation - inspection - of our lives. In this time we are asked to look deep - inside ourselves - past the obvious - to that which is hidden - in the closets of our hearts - minds.  To look at  those things that we have neatly tucked away - stored - not the first things we like to revisit. The obvious sins - missed opportunities - activities - actions - those of which we are not proud. It is not an easy task to accomplish - nor one to which we look forward - but - must we will.  Thankfully Lent lasts six weeks - enough time to start small - to begin slowly - to give us the time and energy to accomplish all that we must.

Only God has the patience to wait on us - each of us - granting us the time needed to review our lives and actions. He does not expect us to change - correct - faults in a single day - so He waits patiently. For one day with God is like a thousand and a thousand as one day. In these Lenten days we are called - to use that time wisely - gaining for ourselves - along the way - holiness.

Deacon Dale