Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Eye Candy

According to - Eye Candy is slang meaning someone or something that is visually attractive or pleasing but is usually considered to lack worth or merit. An example might be an automobile priced at $249,00 which a majority of people could never afford and being realistic - does nothing more than any normal vehicle  - that would take you from point A to point B for $225,000 less. Vehicles such as this become nothing more than Big Kids Toys - things obviously meant for only the very wealthy.

Anyone can appreciate the beauty around them - appearing naturally in nature - in hand crafted pieces of art.  When that beautiful object become the sole focus in our lives - something has gone wrong. Although available for us to admire - nothing to lust after. Man - woman - machine - art - all offer temporary pleasure. The real object of our focus should be our relationship on Jesus - on God.  In Jesus only will our souls find peace - rest - true pleasure. Knowing that we are known - loved - by the Author of Life - much more pleasing than earthly pleasures. In this Lent we refocus our eyes on the real treasures placed before us. Our eyes seek that which is beyond ordinary beauty - we gaze upon the Mystery - the reality that is God and His plan for our life.

Deacon Dale