Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Burning Bridges And Other Objects

Burning bridges in common terms - breaking ties with others - making a distinct - permanent break in a relationship. Most often - advised - not to burn bridges - never knowing if - when - that particular relationship might be desired again - in the future.  In many facets of life - heeding the warning not to burn a bridge - good advice. Today - observing - Ash Wednesday - the beginning of Lent - we are asked to make an important decision - which bridge to cross - which to burn. Some may lead us closer to God - to a deeper relationship with Our Lord - others - leading us into sin - away from God - away from righteousness. 

In this holy period of Lent - the Church - God - gives us time to reflect on who we are - where we are going - what we have made of our lives - what we have become. Are we a person of love - or hate? Do we forgive and forget - or remember and brood? Have we collected things in our daily lives that tempts us - leads us into sin - or have we brushed our hands clean of that which is contrary to God's plan. In forty days - we will evaluate each of our lives. Will we burn bridges and contacts - things that diminish the person God wants us to be - or will we rise like the Phoenix - from the ashes - to a New Life in Christ? In forty days - we will know.

Deacon Dale 

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