Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Smudge - A Stroke - An Ash

Ash Wednesday - observed today around the world - different nations - different continents - different cultures. A day of acknowledgement - the beginning of a Holy Season - a Season of repentance - Repentance for what we have done - have not done. A time of deep reflection - where we have been - where we are going - unless a change is made. A Season made for all mankind - religious - or not. Today we received ashes imposed on our foreheads - ashes from the burnt palms from lasts year's Palm Sunday celebration. Palms once waved in joyful expectation and remembrance of Christ's entrance into Jerusalem. From Celebration to Repentance - Joy to Sorrow - Hope to Renewed Hope.

Jesus came that each of us might experience life to the fullest - to all He came - not everyone accepted Him - the same exists today - many believe - many others do not. It is not up to us to worry about the non-believers - that is God's business - that is Christ's concern. Our focus -this Lent - is on ourselves - on our own salvation - on the direction that our individual life is going. It will be hard enough for each of us to straighten the path we walk - the life we live - hard enough that Holy Roman Church gives us the gift of this Season - to pause - pray - to reflect - on our own life.  You have 40 days....

Deacon Dale 

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