Friday, February 12, 2016

It's All About Sin - Isn't It?

Lent - it is all about sin - right?  Actually - no.  Rather Lent calls us to focus - not on sin - but on Holiness. It asks us to take a personal inventory of our lives - how we live - what we do - how we react - our goals in life and beyond. Of course - sin is involved in the evaluation process - and if we are burdened with sin - eliminating it and what causes us to sin is good - as we seek greater holiness in our life. Committing our self to a period of quiet and reflection - looking deep into who we are - what we do - leads us to that goal of holiness.

When God created the world and mankind - He saw that it was good. Not just O.K. - rather He saw good. Each of us has to remember that one truth - we are all created good. How we live our life has an effect on our goodness.  In Lent - we reflect - we pray to correct faults - to regain any goodness that we have lost.

Deacon Dale