Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Now that we have finished our search and destroy mission - identified and removed things from our lives that should not have been there - an emptiness results. For many that emptiness will leave a light comfortable feeling of freedom - others uncomfortable - uneasy - with a desire to fill up those empty spaces. One must be cautious - resist the urge - to add things back into their life too quickly - to cure that empty feeling. Acting in haste may lead to putting things in your life that will be counter productive. Rather - this is a time for patience - prayer - listening to God. In silence - He will speak to your heart - lead you to that which will give you the fullness you seek.

God has placed so many things in this world for us to use - enjoy - respect. The Earth is filled with the beauty of all God's creation. People - listening to God - have added to creation through art - music - science. So much exists for us to discover -  one day - one step - one moment - in time. Proceeding slowly - following God's lead - will show us what we need to make our lives fuller. Lent is a time to reflect - meditate - on what is best for us - to help us become - all that God wants us to be.

Deacon Dale