Monday, February 22, 2016

I Want It Now!

A common sign of the times - I want it now! - impatient - seeking immediate gratification - answers - changes - cures. Younger people - afflicted more than seasoned older ones - older adults still affected. In the past 50 years we have moved from a society - willing to wait - understanding that certain things take time - delayed answers - pleasure - to today's attitude - instant results - wanting it to materialize yesterday - no effort invested - something owed to us. All things take time - period. In that time we are expected - to work - earn - discover - appreciate - the value of all we receive. Instant does not happen - every time - instant is not reality - a poor measure. As we seek different things in our lives - we need to learn patience - value of waiting - value of hard work - serious effort - invested into whatever we are working - praying - seeking. Our transformation during Lent will take time - a stark reality - a necessity - if we are to learn - understand - what is - will happen.
Only God is capable of instant responses - actions. So many times people become frustrated because they feel God is not working fast enough - hard enough - to bring them comfort - assistance - healing. We need to realize that it is our perception - expectations - that affect what God is doing in our lives. God may not micro manage - He does manage - He has set things into motion - for our benefit. At the right time - in His own way - we will see that which we seek. Faith in God - faith that He hears - faith that He acts - teaches us the lesson of patience. Do you still want it now..........

Deacon Dale