Wednesday, February 24, 2016

There Is An App For That

In this age of smart phones - iPad - tablets - almost everything has an application - app - developed to make it easier to become involved with specific products - services. Prayer is no different. Often during Lent we are asked - what should I read - what prayers should I pray - where are good meditations. Today - if you are so equipped - inclined to electronic aids - there is an app for that. ECHO  - PrayerMate - Instapray - PrayWithMe - IBreviary are all apps available for installation on your smartphone or tablet. For Roman Catholics the iBreviary app helps you to pray the official hours of the church as well as many other options.

Already stated numerous times - prayer is the number one tool to help us in our Lenten experience. God is always available and now in modern times - electronic aids to help us in our pursuit of a healthy prayer life. Prayer with God is always free - real time - instantly available - try it - today 

Deacon Dale