Thursday, February 25, 2016

Baby Steps

Everyone becomes excited when a baby is ready to take their first steps - learning to walk. With hands held high - helping baby to learn balance - coordination - moving one foot in front of the other - trying to stand erect - all without falling. Of course - the inevitable - always happens - baby falls - most often on their seat. The routine - attempted - over and over again - until finally - one day success. Two steps - then three - finally a walk across the room. Whenever we attempt anything in life - we start with baby steps - cautiously - testing the waters - making sure we have the correct technique - procedure down - to avoid issues and errors. In almost every area of life we learn to walk - before we run. The same goes with our spiritual exercises done during Lent - we begin cautiously - moving slowly - considering what it is we wish to do - hopefully by the third week we have our plan well into motion - on our way to a rewarding Lenten experience.

When God created mankind - He knew that we would have to learn through trial and error - false starts - failed attempts - trying to do too much in the beginning - regrouping - taking baby steps. With God there is no need to rush - no need to run - moving slowly forward is always better than rushing into disappointment - failure. God is much more patient that most would believe - He waits - day after day - looking forward to your first spiritual baby step.

Deacon Dale