Sunday, February 14, 2016

Va-LENT-ine's Day

Valentine's Day - a day of shared love - spending time with those who are special to you - spouses - children - significant others - gathering with family - friends - heart shaped boxes of candy - red roses - blood red decorations. As we also celebrate this First Sunday of Lent - we pause on this special rare Va-LENT-ine's day - not often when the two significant days fall on the exact same day. Today on the First Sunday of Lent - when we seriously begin our reflections on our personal lives - we are asked to focus on two hearts - our own - the sacred heart of Jesus - on our relationship with our self - with God - on the value of red blood flowing through our heart - the red blood that flowed from the heart of Jesus as He hung on the cross. In Today's gospel - Jesus reminds us - "Man does not live by bread alone" - there is more to life than eating and drinking - more to life than the past - present. Our vision is to the future - to our place with God in His heavenly kingdom - how we may or may not attain that goal.

In every life rain must fall - even in times of drought - when the air and soil become unbelievably dry - rain will fall. Every day God rains His love - His Holy Spirit - down - upon each of us. Many will soak in - basque in His love - some will reject - ignore - His blessings. Today we are asked to be aware of God's constant presence in our lives - to acknowledge Him for all He has - will do for us. On this First Sunday of Lent - know that He sends you a Valentine's gift - all that you really need - His love.

Deacon Dale