Thursday, February 11, 2016

El Segundo Día

Lent - The Second Day.  Ashes gone - face washed clean - all visible signs of Ash Wednesday gone until next year. The homily from yesterday's Mass - still faintly lingering in the mind. Time to get more deeply involved in some sort of Lenten exercise. Today we look into our lives - what needs to be fixed - maybe too many things - better to start simple - otherwise failure is guaranteed.  Giving up unnecessary time wasters - making that wasted time available for better things. Say an extra prayer - or if not normally praying - start to pray. Looking at the sky - the vast expanse of possibilities - an ocean of opportunities - needing to make a decision - to focus. 

God makes all things possible - a Lent that is meaningful to everyone is a distinct possibility. It may take a little time to focus on that one or two things that will make our personal life better - but that decision will happen soon. Right now - just realizing that we need to make some decisions-  is a great jumping off point. Knowing we have to start is the first step to an awesome journey. Tomorrow we map out our course.

Deacon Dale