Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Search and Destroy

As we become serious about our Lenten journey we are urged to look deep into ourselves to see what needs improvement - what needs to be changed. Going through our search and destroy mission - we will find things that are in fair shape - need some minor changes to make better. Digging deeper - honestly - we may also find things that have entered our lives that are dangerous - bad for anyone seeking greater holiness. In those instances when we discover the bad - we need to destroy - remove completely from our lives. Many defects are easy to remove once we acknowledge them - others much more difficult. In time - with due diligence - hard work - prayer - even the very difficult may be removed. The good thing about Lent lasting 40 days - enough time for even the worst defects to be corrected.

With God - one day is as if a thousand years and a thousand years as if one day (2 Peter 3:8) - bottom line - with God all things are possible - He is the one in control - when you give your life over to God He becomes the commander in charge - the one who leads the search and destroy mission. He leads you to discover - then does the cleansing process. An impossible task made possible - in His time. This Lent - as you proceed through these days - turn the entire process over to God and all will be fine.

Deacon Dale