Friday, February 19, 2016

Tool Time

Now that we have come to the point of remodeling our lives to be more like that of Christ's - to create a special place in our heart for God - to construct the room addition mentioned yesterday - we need to gather our spiritual tools. For our project - I suggest the following - Prayer - Spiritual Reading - Faith - Strength - Love - Meditation.  In addition you could also add in the following if they seem to fit into your own life - Wisdom - Imagination - Order - Zeal - Power - Flexibility. Bottom line - no single spiritual tool is enough - nor are too many - excessive. As individuals we will have different needs - similar goals - different ways of accomplishing our goal. Our first and most important tool is prayer. Before we begin - before we draw out our plans - we pray - ask for guidance - listen. After we pray - we read - the Bible - spiritual books - for ideas on how to develop our plan - learning what others have found useful. Meditating on answers received in prayer - suggestions from our other research - being strong willed - firm in our faith that God is with us - we move forward in love - to create that special space in our heart for God. Each of us needs a prayer room - first in our heart - secondly in our lives. A place to go to be alone with God.
God always has time for us - so in Lent we need to make time for God. Time to slip away from the world - to go to that special room in our heart - to visit with God. In prayer - meditation - in quiet moments - minutes - we ask for His help - as we remodel our lives.

Deacon Dale