Thursday, February 18, 2016

Room Addition

At some point in almost everyone's life they discover that the place where they dwell is no longer big enough for them. Many people rush to or maybe to start hunting for a new home. Others will turn to or or perhaps Pinterest for ideas on remodeling - suggestions on how to make an existing home work better for them. For those of us who watch any of the home remodeling and house hunting shows like Love It or List It and Property Brothers - we know that often the best solution is a simple remodeling project. Basically that is what we have been doing with ourselves this Lent. We knew that as we entered Lent we had to make changes in our lives - to remodel and rearrange our spiritual homes - to make room for God. As we started this process we wanted to remodel - to make our lives over in the model of Jesus - to rearrange the things in our lives - to discard that which prevented us from moving forwards in our relationship with God. We did some spiritual house cleaning - rearranged our spiritual furniture and now are at a point where we can replace - add good things into our spiritual home.

God is the same today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow. God never changes - our understanding of Him and what He asks of us does. As we grow in our relationship to Jesus - we draw ourselves closer to the spiritual being that we were created to be. We are not only flesh and bone - a spirit has been placed inside each of us - a spirit that yearns and seeks a much closer relationship with God. We are the carpenters - the craftspeople - the ones to refashion - remodel our lives to be more like what God wants. Time to pick up the tools..

Deacon Dale