Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mercy - Divine Mercy

As we journey through Lent - we need to realize that it is all about Mercy - Divine Mercy - God's Divine Mercy. Because of God's great love for all of us - He makes so many things possible for each of us. The cleansing process - the remodeling - the rearranging - the elimination - addition - of what we really need - is all make available through God. It is up to us as we pray - reflect - meditate - on those changes - that we are guided by God to the point that He wants us to be. 

If God did not care for us as much as He does - He would never have sent Jesus - to teach us - inspire us - die for us. Most people have no idea just how merciful God is. Where we judge harshly - God does not. It is because of His awesome mercy - His Divine Mercy - that we are forgiven - healed - renewed - into better people. Trusting in His Divine Mercy - we know that our Lenten journey will be fruitful.

Deacon Dale 

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