Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Prayer Room

What is a prayer room and where is it located? In simple terms a prayer room - is a place to be alone with God - with your thoughts - your prayers. Finding a time and place where you can be allowed to be alone is not always the easiest thing to do. Often just when you think you are alone with your thoughts - prayers - somebody walks in - speaks up - destroys the silence you were seeking. Many years ago we were teaching young children about prayer rooms - space to be alone. One creative girl found that she could squeeze behind her dresser that was placed in the corner of a room - just enough space to sit and be quiet with her prayers. A couple we knew found a large unused space in the back of a triangular shaped closet in their apartment. That space - when lit with a flashlight - provided enough room for one to read - journal - pray. My best prayer room is alone inside a car - nobody to interrupt thoughts - a few minutes gathered here and there - also sitting on my lawn tractor - cutting grass - me - God - the sky - together.

God meets us as we are - where we are. He does not demand visits only in church - He is always there - by our side - waiting for us to acknowledge Him. He is there in the quiet of the night - the busy times of the day - constantly - vigilant - waiting to talk with us. In that quiet - we receive answers - inspiration - guidance. Find yourself a prayer space - use it often - He waits for you.

Deacon Dale 

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