Sunday, February 21, 2016


Lent is about transformation - changing ourselves from what we are - to the promise of God - what He expects us to be. Jesus gave us the imagery of transformation as we hear in today's Gospel - with His disciples - transfigured into His glorified body. His change so outwardly obvious - they dumbfounded - not knowing what to say - to do. Our change - not so obvious - much more interior - only seen by God. Our friends - associates - completely unaware of any change in us at all - unless we act - speak - start living a different life. That is as it is intended - hopefully our change will not be so drastic that others take notice. For most - the changes that happen during Lent - more subtle - slight changes in our prayer life - perhaps more involvement with others - not an extreme difference - rather a renewed vigor - for ourselves - others. We might attend extra church services - offer more time as a volunteer - spend more time in Adoration or such. 

God works in strange - wonderful ways. He is the gentle lover - constantly making so much available to us - in simple actions - quiet breezes - moments of silence - grace. It is not often that He needs to hit us over the head - most will notice - eventually - His gentle presence. When He desires a change - He will make it known. It is up to us to make ourselves present to Him - as He is to us. We need to pause - sit quietly - listen. In that quiet - He will speak.

Deacon Dale   

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