Monday, January 21, 2013


The word backup means everything in information technology - it is critical - to avoid loss of data - a system that stores a copy of data is one of the most important pieces of any good computer system. All large corporations make sure that a backup system is in place before they ever start collecting critical data. Some home users also utilize backup systems - most do not. I was one of those individuals - for over 25 years I was able to get away without any need for a system backup. All that changed about a month ago when my main computer went completely black. When it came back up all I had was the fatal blue screen of death. It took over an hour before I was able to get to a C:> prompt to see what was going on. When I asked for information the only thing I saw was that the hard drive was completely empty! Everything was gone - nothing. Now I have a new computer and the task to recreate all my lost data begins - the hardest part - trying to remember what I had saved on the old computer. It is not until I need old data that I even remember that I had it in the first place. I should be very upset with myself - but at this point there is no reason to stress myself - so I will proceed and cope with whatever issues come up.
I was baptized as an infant - I was raised in the Christian Church - I have been confirmed - married - ordained - all in the church founded by Jesus Christ. I have been comfortable with my faith most of the time and on occasion I have been uncomfortable - but throughout it all - I have never lost my faith. Some people feel as if they need a backup to their faith - in case they lose their faith - some turn to other religions - other beliefs - other options. When I made a decision as an adult to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior - I made a commitment then and there and I've never regretted it. In all my trials and errors - in all my situations - the only true backup I've ever needed is Jesus. He is always there for me and He will be there for you - you only have to ask.

Deacon Dale