Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ordinary Time

In the Church's liturgical calendar we have now entered into that season known as Ordinary Time. To some this is interpreted as blah - boring - uneventful - mundane - time. The other seasons - Advent - Lent - Christmas - Easter - all seem to have a very special focus in which Holy Scripture has more meaning - more impact - more relevance - to our lives. It is true that each of these four seasons all have their special focus - and for many - special relevance to life itself. What many fail to realize - Ordinary Time - aside from its name - is in no way ordinary. It is just as special as the other seasons - filled with special events and moments - to keep our spiritual energy flowing between the other seasons. It is in ordinary time - the greatest time in the liturgical year - that we live and breathe - that we move and experience - life in its fullest. Our spiritual lives do not take vacations - do not take rest breaks - do not disappear - in ordinary time. It is then that we put into action all that we have learned and experienced in the other seasons.
Jesus lived His life in a very ordinary way - He ate and drank - He worked - He learned and He taught - He experienced life just as anyone else did in His time. How He lived His life was what made Him different. Unlike others - Jesus lived the Truth - spoke the Truth - breathed the Truth. He could do no other than be His ordinary self - and for each of us - we are called to be as ordinary as Jesus - to make our spiritual lives so much a normal part of our lives - that it becomes completely ordinary. The best thing you can do - is be as ordinary as Jesus was.

Deacon Dale