Thursday, January 31, 2013

Road Map

A road map is a collection of elements added to a plan which often includes a visual presentation of the journey you are contemplating. In the most common sense - a road map is actually that - a printed pictorial map of the roads, streets, highways, barriers - man made or natural, as well as elevations - all which when considered together - provide information on the best way to proceed to your destination. It shows major highways as well country dirt roads, rivers and streams, local places and areas of interest - all meant to inform one of the options available as they plan a journey. In business - a road map may explain the resources or technology available - the target audience - the best way to approach and close the sale. Many different road maps exist in life. The map of most interest to me at the moment is the one of the Camino de Santiago.
The Bible is also a road map - it shows us how to get to heaven - our final destination in life. It includes all the local color - the side attractions - the barriers - the obstacles - the path we are called to walk. Like any map it is best if there is someone who has walked the route previously - who can lead the way. For the seeker - that individual is Jesus. If you are seeking the way to go - the way to freedom - the way to joy - the way to peace - seek Jesus. He will show you the way.

Deacon Dale