Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vision Quest

A Vision Quest, as defined by Wikipedia, is a rite of passage in some Naive American cultures. The ceremony of the Vision Quest is one of the most universal and ancient means to find spiritual guidance and purpose - a Vision Quest may provide deep understanding of one's life purpose. Typically the process involves removing oneself from society and going deep into the woods - as on a retreat - for one to four days. In that time the person leaves behind the day to day distractions - living off nature in a basic manner - often with no running water or electricity - "roughing it" in an attempt to get back to nature - to get back to the basics of life and in that time of simplicity - seeking a new vision of the innermost needs of themselves and how they are to focus their energy - on their future - their goals - their purpose in life. Most individuals who participate in a Vision Quest - walk away from that experience - renewed and refreshed. When your life takes on purpose and meaning - life becomes more bearable and tolerable - knowing your personal goal and purpose.
Jesus knew what His purpose was - He did not need a Vision Quest - His Heavenly Father had provided the Vision - the Goal. Yet - He went into the desert - to fast and pray - to focus Himself on the task at hand. Fortified - He left the desert - to accomplish that task. Two thousand years later - we His modern day disciples - walk in His steps - attempting to continue the work He began. Often we stumble and hesitate - confused by the media around us - often we find that we ourselves need to go on our own Vision Quest. When we do - when we walk a different path from that of the World - when we dare to go another way - our true purpose and goal is revealed to us. If your life is confusing - leaving you unfulfilled - take time away from the world and walk your own Vision Quest - Jesus will be with you - every step of the Way.

Deacon Dale