Sunday, January 27, 2013


A catalyst is a substance that increases the speed of a chemical reaction without being consumed by the reaction.  For example - nitric oxide is a catalyst in the breakdown of ozone in the upper atmosphere. An oxygen atom will react with a molecule of nitric oxide to form a molecule of nitrogen dioxide. The nitrogen dioxide then reacts with a molecule of ozone which produces two molecules of oxygen and one molecule of nitric oxide. In this example one molecule of nitric oxide started the reaction and after reducing the ozone into oxygen - the molecule of nitric oxide continues to exist. Catalysts exists in other forms besides the chemical world. People may be considered catalysts - an individual reacts with a group of people to elicit a change in the group. The most common example would be politicians campaigning for election - they stimulate the minds of people to change their way of thinking so they will vote for them. A swinging ball that strikes other balls changes those balls from simply hanging to also swinging back and forth - the energy of the first affects the others acting as a catalyst to change the others from dormant to active balls - while retaining its original form.
Jesus is a catalyst - He came for one main reason - to change the hearts and minds of people. He lived among them as an ordinary man - He spoke about His heavenly Father's love - forgiveness - reconciliation - acceptance. He affected change in people - they looked at life in a new way - they saw hope - they saw healing - they saw God. He was a catalyst while He was alive and walked the Earth - He still remains a catalyst today - affecting changes in people on a daily basis. If you are seeking change in your life - if you need new direction - new focus - all you need do is to invite Jesus into your life - He will be the catalyst you need - to change your life for the better.

Deacon Dale