Friday, January 18, 2013

Safety Net

A safety net - in its original use - was a large net used in a circus to catch high-wire and trapeze artists - if and when they fall - to catch them and protect them from injury. Fire fighters would use a similar net to help people escape buildings that were on fire. In more modern use - a safety net is any means of protection from hardship or loss - such as insurance - savings accounts - any type of back-up system that affords protection from any kind of emergency or disaster. Safety nets may be equipment - such as netting and spare parts - or it may be people - as extra players on a team - or systems - such as computer back-up programs. Safety nets provide a level of assurance that disasters may be avoided - especially when attempting anything that means taking a risk - with your life - your finances - your reputation.
Spiritually - when seeking protection of our spiritual soul - most people turn to God. God is seen as the great protector - the Divine One who watches out for us - who protects us from all sorts of harm - if we stay connected to Him. For Christians - Jesus is that safety net - by believing in Him and accepting Him as the Lord of your life - He stands there - guiding - giving direction - protecting you from all harm. Make a serious commitment to Jesus - become His disciple and He will provide you all the safety you need.

Deacon Dale