Saturday, January 5, 2013


A fanatic is a person who is filled with zeal - excessive enthusiasm - for an idea - ideal - project. When a person becomes overly involved in anything - they will appear to family and friends as too involved - to excited - too overwhelming. To understand a fanatic - one needs to walk in their shoes - to find out what all the excitement is about - to learn and understand the ins and outs of whatever it is. On occasion - that which has the fanatic's focus - may be something beyond normal reason and thinking. More often than not - it is a new idea - which has taken root in that person's mind - that bears further scrutiny - further investigation - that holds true merit. These usually bring with them benefits for many people and groups. A person who has become fanatic about exercise very often draws others into the same mindset and as a result a group is created which benefits all of those involved. 
Jesus was labeled a fanatic by many because He offered a new vision - a new idea of God. Those who were afraid of change were afraid of Him - those who embraced His new ideas became followers and disciples. What some viewed as going against the common sense - was viewed by many as a fresh breath in a spiritual atmosphere filled with old and stagnant ideas. Because of Jesus' intense focus on spreading His Gospel message of love - forgiveness - reconciliation - the peoples of the World have all benefited - Christian or not. As we begin this new year of 2013 - we should all become fanatic about living the lives that God has intended for us - completely - honestly - spiritually.

Deacon Dale