Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Anything that makes your heart beat faster may be called a heartthrob. This term was popular years ago and is not heard as frequently today. It refers to objects as well as people - a shiny new car - a flashy pair of shoes - a very handsome guy - a pretty girl - may all excite a person to the point  that their heart rate increases and "throbs". Popular singers and actors are typically the most popular objects of excitement and affection. That which brings pleasure - real or perceived - generates an excitement above normal levels of interest. Being a heartthrob or having a heartthrob is common for many - a fleeting experience at best and never permanent. Although temporary - heartthrobs add value to life - if only to make us appreciate what we have and what we may attain. It provides hope - in a sea of disappointments and losses. 
Jesus was not the original heartthrob - people existed before him who caused the normal experience of excitement - He was the ultimate heartthrob - the One who has endured for thousands of years. Just as His disciples related to each other after meeting Him on the road to Emmaus - "were not our hearts throbbing..." - Jesus caused peoples' heart to beat faster - stronger - because of the excitement He generated as He preached about God's love and forgiveness. He turned stony hearts into fleshy loving hearts - He changed minds and attitudes - He changed how people looked at each other - He changed the World - that alone should make Him your heartthrob.

Deacon Dale