Tuesday, January 29, 2013


A "by-law" - as defined by Wikipedia - also spelled bylaw, by law or byelaw - is a rule or law established by an organization or community to regulate itself - as allowed or provided by some higher authority - such as a constitution or ruling group or individual i.e. king or president . It is through the use of by-laws that groups are able to function and maintain order - avoiding confusion and chaos. When by-laws are cast aside or ignored - individuals - teams - entire groups enter the realm of the unknown. Nothing happens - forward progress is halted - the machinery comes to a halt. In all things - work - play - daily living - worship - order needs to be established - not to bind and hinder free thought and action - rather to encourage it. Once the rules - regulations - by-laws are known - everyone knows under what restrictions or freedoms they may operate. Rather than hindering - by-laws are empowering - energizing.
Jesus came that we might have life and live it to the fullest. The key word here is "might". He did not guarantee that anyone would have a full life - it is up to each of us to take advantage of His gift. If we fail to willing accept that which He offers - it is our own fault. He does not and He will not force us to do anything against our free will. It is up to us to recognize His gift for what it is and to freely accept it. The only rule - the only by-law is that each of us has to make that decision on our own- with no coercion - will no force. That which He offers to everyone is offered with no strings attached - no rules - no by-laws - no expense. He paid the price - once and for all - the decision - is yours.

Deacon Dale