Sunday, January 20, 2013


Cana, Israel is famous as the site of the first miracle performed by Jesus while attending a wedding there with His mother and disciples. Theologians and historians alike seem to have differing opinions on not only the location of the historical Cana - but also the significance. This past July 2012 I had the privilege of visiting the modern day site of Cana. Although not included in our original itinerary - our tour guide made last minute arrangements that allowed us a brief visit - enough time for us to renew our own wedding vows and capture it all on DVD. To be in the Holy Land and to renew vows with my wife - celebrating 43 years of marriage - is something that we will never forget. It was a simple ceremony - no party - no food - no cake - no wine - just ourselves - 33 other people and Father Matt - in Israel! That alone made it truly significant.
Fransician Church at Cana - Israel
When Jesus was invited to the wedding - He probably didn't think He would be revealing His divinity there - but He did. That is important for all of us - the implication that God blesses marriage - approves of celebrations involving community - joins us in our meals and feasts - with food and wine - shows us just how much He is involved in our lives. Jesus is our personal Lord and Savior - there is no reason not to believe this - He came that we would have life and live it to the fullest - in Jesus is the fullness of life!

Deacon Dale