Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dream Big

Dream Big - shoot for the stars - go for the gold - all phrases encouraging people to try their best. Everyone wants to be an achiever - to excel at things where others have failed. Unfortunately - many dreams - shattered before attempted. How often have you heard the comment - you can't do that - nobody does that - why do you want to do that - are you crazy?  Most often spoken - out of jealousy - fear of another achieving  - something others haven't - lacking faith in possibilities previously untried. All improvements - new discoveries - changes in techniques - a dream - the hope of a potential success. Rather than questioning any one's ability- the possibility of success should be encouraged. People should be taught to - color outside the lines - speak up even when not invited - attempt where others have failed.  If no one ever tries the impossible - dreams will die - fail to exist.

God knows the limits - abilities - of mortal men - women - children. He calls us to explore - to investigate - to push ourselves - to achieve our fullest potential. If we believe Holy Scripture - we have been created in His likeness - each of us is a promise - of great things - awesome successes - mighty dreams. We are called - to glorify God - to dream - BIG.

Deacon Dale