Tuesday, April 5, 2016


It was not that long ago that Aretha Franklin sang the song Respect written and originally released by Otis Redding in 1965 - became her signature song - reprised in the 1980 movie Blues Brothers. The original version - Aretha's version - slightly different ideas of respect. In today's use we expect people to respect - esteem - admire - hold in high regard - honor - others. Unfortunately all too often - respect - not shown - just the opposite true. There seems to be a section of society who hold no regard for others - do whatever they want - without thinking - considering how their actions may - will effect others. They only think about themselves - selfish - juvenile - immature. Many end up causing offenses so bad - they end up - incarcerated - in jail. Respect is learned at home - parents the primary teacher of children - respect - should be a high priority. Thankfully - the majority of people learn this lesson at an early age - continue throughout their lifetime - treating others as they should be.

Jesus calls us - brothers and sisters - sharing the one true Father - in Heaven. As children of God - as a Family of Christ - we are called - to live and learn - how to treat our fellow humans. Learning respect - tolerance of others - getting along in society. We teach our children - pets - proper rules of etiquette - how to approach - greet - others - what to do - what not to do. In all this - we show our regard not only for others - but for the God who created us. As modern day disciples of Jesus - we spread His Gospel message to all - honoring them as we would Jesus Himself.

Deacon Dale